Special Varnishes and Sprays

Special varnishes and colour sprays for numerous applications!

In MARKET-X you will find special paints and sprays for industry and trade. Depending on the field of application, the varnishes can have very different properties. They can be used as a coating to protect against rust or other dirt, as an optical embellishment or also as a warning signal.


Varnishes and sprays in MARKET-X:

  • Spray paint
  • Anti-friction coating spray
  • Top varnish
  • Screw locking lacquer


All our varnishes are characterized by high quality. Buy now!


  • Colour Spray
    High-quality spray paint in MARKET-X! From grey tones to signal colours – our B2B marketplace offers a wide range of RAL brand colour sprays. The ...
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  • Anti-friction Coating
    Anti-friction coatings for a optimum dry lubrication! Anti-friction coating is a versatile lubricant, which optimizes friction and prevents wear. It ...
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  • Varnish
    Synthetic resin top varnishes for metal processing and more! Synthetic resin varnish is a top coat for materials such as metals, concrete, wood and ...
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  • Screw Locking Lacquer
    Locking lacquer for screws Screw locking lacquer is an adhesive for screw connections. It prevents screw and nut from unintentionally and ...
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