Narrow Belts

Narrow V-belt DIN 7753 – the high performance belt for machine engineering

Compared to the classic V-belt, the narrow V-belt has next to a similar width a higher profile and a tapered shape. These are differences that result in higher power transmission.


Characteristics of narrow V-belts:

  • Low elongation
  • Free of maintenance
  • Powerful
  • High flexibility
  • High dynamic load capacity
  • High wear resistance
  • Resistant to abrasion, oil and heat
  • Quiet running characteristics
  • Maximum belt speed: 42 m/s

Narrow V-belts are subject to the DIN 7753 standard and were specially developed for mechanical engineering. They are suitable for printing machines, pumps, electric tools and many other machines and drives.

The common profiles of narrow V-belts (with upper belt width):

  • SPZ (9,7 mm)
  • SPA (12,7 mm)
  • SPB (16,3 mm)
  • SPC (22 mm)


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