For a strong hold – adhesives in MARKET-X!

In MARKET-X you will find adhesives for numerous applications. Whether for exterior or interior use, whether high-strength or tension-equalizing connections, whether heat-resistant or water-resistant – our MARKET-X has something for everyone. Our adhesives are primarily characterized by their high quality. Not only do they have a long lifespan, but they are also extremely hard-wearing.


Adhesives in MARKET-X: 

  • 2-component adhesive
  • Adhesive activator
  • Joining adhesive
  • Fixol adhesive
  • Tangit adhesive
  • Screw locking
  • Superglue
  • And much more!


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  • 2-component adhesive
    2-component adhesive for highest loads! As the name reveals, 2-component adhesives consist of two components. If these are mixed, the result is a ...
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  • Joining Adhesive
    Reliable bonding of components with Loctite joining adhesives! Loctite joining adhesives bond components and machine parts made of a wide variety of ...
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  • Construction Adhesive
    Construction adhesive for mechanical connections! Construction adhesive belongs to the anaerobic adhesives and is used for metallic components, which ...
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  • Kontaktkleber
    Contact adhesive – for permanent and strong adhesive contact! Contact adhesive is used to bond two non-absorbent surfaces together. It is therefore ...
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  • Loctite Superglue
    Extremely strong in a matter of seconds – the Loctite superglue! Immediate adhesives are characterized, as the Name already reveals, by the fact ...
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  • Tangit Adhesive
    PVC Pipe adhesive from Tangit! Tangit adhesives are PVC pipe adhesives, which are used especially for bonding PVC pipelines.  They are suitable for ...
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  • Screw Locking
    Screw locking – for a powerful connection between screw and nut! Like the construction adhesive, the screw locking is also an anaerobic adhesive. ...
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  • Adhesive Activator
    Adhesive activator for faster glueing! Adhesive activators "activate" adhesives to accelerate curing. This is a practical approach if you want to ...
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  • Adhesive Primer
    Primer for optimal adhesion! Adhesive primers are used for materials and surfaces that are difficult to bond in order to create an optimum adhesive ...
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