Rolls for printing machines

Numerous rolls for your printing machine!

Web offset presses have many functions such as transporting nad guiding paper webs, cutting, folding, stitching and more! Therefore there are also many different rolls for different applications of your printing machine.

Wether tension rollers for belts, transport and bending rollers for stitching wires and more – in MARKET-X we have them all!


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  • Stitching Wire Bending Rollers
    High-quality bending rollers for your printing machine Like the transport rollers the stiching wire bending rollers come into play in the ...
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  • Stitching Wire Transport Rollers
    For your stapler: stitching wire transport rollers For the stapling function of a printing press to function, the stapling wire must be transported ...
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  • Cam Follower
    Cam Follower for the printing industry The cam follower is a small roller with which a movably mounted part – such as the lever – is supported ...
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  • Tension Pulleys
    High-quality tension pulleys in MARKET-X! Tension pulleys are not only used in the printing industry. They are used to adjust the pretensioning force ...
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  • More Rolls
    Countless rolls for the printing industry You have not yet found the suitable reel for your printing press in the MARKET-X categories? Don't ...
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