Registration (R) and Login (L)

(R) If your company is not yet registered to use the MARKET-X, please contact your manroland Goss web systems GmbH Service Manager. He or she will provide you with the user agreement for the MARKET-X, which the MARKET-X Team uses after you fill it out, to create your machine-specific parts catalogs. Then the MARKET-X Team will come back to you with your registration details.

If you as an employee of a registered company are not yet registered to use the MARKET-X, please ask one of your already registered colleagues to complete the "New MARKET-X User" contact form and click on the "Send" button. (To do this, your colleague has to log in to the MARKET-X and click as follows: tab "Contact" > bottom line "Contact Center" > Please choose: "New MARKET-X user".) The further registration process is described above this contact form.


(L) Should you already be registered as a MARKET-X user, please fill in your login data above and click "Log in".

In the "e-mail address or username ('rx....')" field, enter the e-mail address with which you are registered as a MARKET-X user.
However, use your username ("rx...."), should you
- use this e-mail address jointly, e.g.,, or
- be registered for several locations for your company, using this e-mail address for all of these locations. In this case, you have received a different username for each location.