Consumables for the printing industry, mechanical engineering and more!

There are consumables for every industry and branch, millions of products are on the market – an incredible variety that makes a selection difficult. Here at MARKET-X we make it easy for you!

With us you will only find the best and highest quality products at a fair price –  so fill your basket without a worry!


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  • Cleaning Agents
    Detergents for people, machines and more! Hygiene and cleanliness play an important role in most industries. With the right cleaning agents, for ...
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  • Industrial Tape
    Adhesive tapes for production, packaging, masking and more! Adhesive tapes are not only the ideal packaging material, they are also versatile. They ...
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  • Sealing Material
    Numerous sealing materials in our B2B marketplace! Are you looking for high-quality materials for sealing of all kinds? Then MARKET-X is the right ...
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  • Special Varnishes and Sprays
    Special varnishes and colour sprays for numerous applications! In MARKET-X you will find special paints and sprays for industry and trade. Depending ...
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  • Ancillary and Protective Equipment
    For a long life of your machines – auxiliaries and protective equipment in MARKET-X! In order to extend the service life of your machines or to get ...
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  • Wash Cloths
    High-quality washing fleece for cleaning your printing rollers! In the MARKET-X you will find a large selection of wash cloths of different brands ...
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  • Number Labels
    Glue numbers in different sizes and colors! Our single-digit number labels are available in different shades of grey and in heights of 10 cm and 8 ...
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  • Conveyors
    Transport and conveyor belts fort he printing industry, mechanical engineering and more! In the MARKET-X you will find numerous conveyor belts for a ...
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  • Measuring and Testing Equipment
    Optimum quality assurance with the measuring and testing equipment in MARKET-X! In order to guarantee a constantly high product quality, the ...
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