Tapes for the printing industry

High-quality tapes for your printing machine

Eduard Mörike: "Spring's belt of blue is once again fluttering in the wind." (loosely translated)

MARKET-X does not agree with that: "Belts are available all year round, and are provided in all the varying belt specific colours. They are tightly tensioned in the folding unit. So nothing can flutter, particularly not in the wind ..."


Tapes for the printing industry

So all we have to add here is that every belt which is tensioned in the folders constructed by manroland Goss web systems can be ordered from the MARKET-X: brake tapes and and flock tapes, individual conveyor belts and complete conveyor belt sets.


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  • Flock Belts
    Flock belts in the printing industry Flock belts are used as brake linings for magnetic brakes. The flock tape ensures that the printed products are ...
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    Slow-Down Tapes – for secure braking! In the printing industry brake belts can be found, for example, in the sheet slowdown. Together with the ...
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  • Conveyor Belts
    Conveyor Belts – in numerous sizes and materials in MARKET-X! Conveyor belts bring across the paper web sections – or finished folded products ...
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  • Sets of Conveyor Belts
    Sets of Conveyor Belts – always enough conveyor belts in stock! Be like the Valiant Little Tailor and order seven (or more!) conveyor belts in one ...
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