Wiper / Stripper / Scraper

Printing press wiper / stripper / scraper

There are countless designs of printing press strippers that can be found in many different places in a printing press. For example, there are some strippers in the stapler to help pull in the stitching wire.


All our wipers / strippers / scrapers have the following features in common:


  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Long service life
  • Enxtend machine life
  • High quality


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  • Sheet Scraper
    Sheet scraper The sheet scraper is very rarely also called insertion rail scraper. It is a single part for the rail guide made of corrosion-resistant ...
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  • Staple Strippers
    Ejector pins for your printing press! The so-called staple strippers are better known under the name: ejector pins. As with the stapling wire ...
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  • Paper Scrapers
    High-quality paper scrapers The paper scraper is installed in the fold at the cross cutter and is responsible for stripping the printed product for ...
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  • Bearer Ring Wipers
    High-quality Bearer Ring Wipers The bearer ring scraper actually consists of two parts: the holder and the felts. The holder for the bearer ring ...
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  • More Wiper / Stripper / Scraper
     More printing press wiper / stripper / scraper There are countless wipers for printing machines on the market. And so the MARKET-X is in addition ...
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