Perfect lubrication and maintenance with the industrial lubricants in MARKET-X!

Lubricants reduce friction and wear, but are also used for cooling or vibration damping. Industrial lubricants consist mainly of oil – hence the lubricating effect. They are not only suitable for various materials, but also for numerous industries. Lubricants are important for the proper care and maintenance of machines and components!


Advantages of industrial lubricants:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Optimum maintenance
  • Reduction of friction and wear
  • Sealing effect
  • Vibration damping


Browse through our huge selection if lubricants – from grease to cooling lubricant to machine oil and more!


  • Grease
    High-quality greases – for lubrication, spraying and greasing! On our B2B platform we offer a wide range of greases for industry. Fluid grease, ...
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  • Protective and maintenance oil
    Oil for maintenance and protection! The classic among the protective and maintenance oils is the corrosion protection oil. In MARKET-X we also offer ...
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  • Cooling lubricant
    Cooling lubricants for metal processing in MARKET-X! Swisscool offers for example universally applicable cooling lubricants, which are particularly ...
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  • Bearer Ring Oil
    High-quality oil for the maintenance of your bearer rings! Bearer rings are printing machine parts which are located on the sides of the printing ...
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  • Hydraulic and gear oil
    They can withstand a lot – hydraulic and gear oil! Hydraulic and gear oils are used primarily in mechanical engineering and the printing industry. ...
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  • Chain Lubricants
    For clean and durable chains – chain lubricant! Chain lubricants such as oils or waxes are not only suitable for bicycles, but are also useful in ...
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