Stitching Wires

High-quiality stitching wires for your stitching unit!

Stapling is an important task of a printing press. It ensures that a printed product is ready to be read and sold. There are different types of stitching: Ribbon stitching can stitch each section of the printed product individually, layer stitching the entire product.


Why stitching wires?

The stitching is processed in the stapling unit. Whether it's ribbon or section stitching, in both cases electrolitically galvinised stitching wires are used. Depending on the number of paper layers they have a customary diameter of 0.45 to 0.70 mm.

The stitching wire is used to stitch the printing product together. Short pieces of wire are pierced from the outside of the printing product through the former folded paper web and bent on the inside.


Characteristics of stitching wire:

  • High-quality material
  • High flexibility
  • Strong and long lifespan


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