Sealing Material

Numerous sealing materials in our B2B marketplace!

Are you looking for high-quality materials for sealing of all kinds? Then MARKET-X is the right place for you! We offer you a large selection of different sealing materials and cover many areas of application. You will find:

  • Sealing grease
  • Sealing gel
  • Silicone and PU sealants
  • Surface seals
  • Thread sealants
  • Pipe sealing


From sealing grease to pipe sealing – in MARKET-X you will find sealing materials of all kinds. Get it now!


  • Sealing Grease
    Sealing grease – Safe sealing of threads, bolts, valves and more! Sealing greases are perfect sealants for inaccessible, difficult to seal rooms, ...
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  • Sealing Gel
    Sealing gels for surfaces and threads! In MARKET-X we offer you for example sealing gels from Stucarit. This is a sealing gel, which is suitable for ...
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  • Loctite Surface Seal
    Reliable sealing with Loctite surface seals! Loctite offers a variety of high-quality surface seals, all of which have one thing in common: They ...
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  • Loctite Pipe and Thread Sealants
    Reliable thread sealing with Loctite thread sealants! Threads can become leaks for liquids or gases, especially if the connection is dynamic due to ...
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  • PU Sealant
    PU sealant and adhesive in MARKET-X! Polyurethanes are plastics or resins which, due to their properties, are next to many other areas of application ...
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  • Silicone Sealant
    Optimal protection for every building substance with the silicone sealant! Silicone sealant is a small all-rounder among the sealing materials. ...
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