Storage shelves & accessories

Suitable storage shelves for your company

In the MARKET-X you will find storage racks of all kinds – for numerous applications. Whether cantilever, pallet or shelf racking. From tire, wide span or heavy duty racking. Pull-out racks, boltless racks and many more! With us you will find shelves for every storage purpose.

All our storage shelves are characterized by their high quality and stability. Designed for a specific purpose, our high quality shelves not only simplify your working life but also last a long time.


An extract from our product range:

  • Tire racks
  • Cantilever racks
  • Shelving racks
  • Heavy load and pallet racks
  • Wide span shelves
  • boltless shelves
  • And more!


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  • Shelving rack
    Flexible shelf racks with plug-in system Shelving racks are suitable for different areas of use. Due to their individual adaptability to height and ...
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  • Cantilever racks
    Cantilever racks – for optimum storage of long and bulky goods! Cantilever racking was developed to store heavy, long and bulky products in a ...
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  • Pallet racks
    Flexible pallet racks for heavy loads! The pallet racks in the MARKET-X are characterized by their modular design. This means you can convert or ...
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  • Heavy duty racks
    Sturdy heavy-duty shelves in the B2B marketplace – for reliable storage! As the name suggests, heavy-duty racks were designed to reliably store ...
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  • Wide span racks
    Efficient storage – with the wide span racks in MARKET-X! Wide span racks are an ideal alternative to pallet racks. They are characterized by their ...
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  • Boltless shelving
    Shelves with boltless system – efficient, cost-effective and high-quality! Boltless shelving systems are shelving systems, which have a boltless ...
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  • Open fronted storage bin racking
    Open fronted storage bin racks – for a clearly arranged storage of small parts! The open fronted storage box racks in MARKET-X are completely ...
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  • Tire rack
    Professional tire storage with the tire racks in the MARKET-X! The tire racking systems from Schulte Lagertechnik are equipped with specially shaped ...
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  • Crash protection
    Impact and crash protection for maximum storage safety! In the warehouse things usually have to happen quickly. Narrow shelf aisles and bulky ...
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  • Assembly trolley
    Trolleys with open fronted storage bins – fully equipped! Our assembly trolleys are fully equipped with open fronted storage bins, are easy to ...
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  • Storage containers
    Numerous storage containers in the MARKET-X – from stacking boxes to small parts boxes! Our storage containers: Open fronted storage ...
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  • Gas cylinder storage boxes
    High quality gas cylinder storage boxes – stable steel construction! Gas cylinders must be stored safely. In the MARKET-X we offer numerous storage ...
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